What does "Underground Catwalk Open Track" mean?

Fashion labels and designers unite to create the first Twitter fashion show worldwide, presenting their latest collections in regular running metro trains of Berlins U5.

And all that visitors and designers need to join in, is a valid BVG ticket!

Where and when does it happen?

In the trains of the U5 between Alexanderplatz and Frankfurter Allee on July 4th 2013 between 19:00h and 22:00h.
All participants are invited to tweet and follow the hashtag #uc2013berlin on Twitter. All tweets will be visible on our News page.

How can I join the Underground Catwalk as a designer or fashion label?

Get some models, get BVG tickets for your show team and enter any train of the U5 during the recommended show time (see above).
Don't forget to tweet with #uc2013berlin before you enter or change the train!
Please contact for more details.

How can I see the fashion shows?

Buy a regular BVG ticket, check the tweets with #uc2013berlin to find out when your favorite label enters the train and hop on to watch the shows!  

Is there an Aftershow Party?

Yes, of course! The party starts at 22:00h in Sage Club. Entry fee is 6 Euro. There are NO VIP tickets for sale this year.

Get one of 100 day tickets incl. Aftershow Party for free! Just watch out for the Chevrolet Trax Ticket Mobile on 3th and 4th July via #uc2013berlin